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Welcome To The Bitchery

The Bad Hombres at Badlands National Park are calling for a fax-a-thon this weekend since phone calls aren’t effective on weekends.

I have been hearing on the news counts of the numbers of calls, letters, and emails - so if you can’t call because of work hours or phone anxiety - or any other reason, do whatever you are comfortable with - it sounds like it all counts and just adds to the volume of communications!

Some possible talking points:

1. Oppose the muslim ban

2. With republican senators especially, oppose DeVos

3. Oppose Price (please!)

4. Oppose Sessions

5. Tell them to fund Planned Parenthood - it’s not about abortions, it’s about comprehensive and affordable healthcare for all


6. Tell them to call for Steve Bannon’s resignation

7. Problematize DJT’s connections to Russia and conflicts of interest and his continuous refusal to release his tax returns and divest from his business

8. Tell them we support the Dodd-Frank rule - do not roll it back!

9. tell them to stop forking with the forking environment

10. tell them we do not want a wall.

A talking head on Joy Reid just said a couple things about how democrats should respond (particularly since the GOP has different rules for them vs the Dems) that resonate and might be good for the faxes:

* These are not normal times.

* History will look back at this time to see how we handled it. You need to stand up.


You can send free faxes to Congress here:



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