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Weekend Cooking

I was lazy/keen in the kitchen this weekend. I made franzbrötchen (turned out very well), a lot of salads and a very lazy yellow thai curry. Also very delicious. In the refrigerated section you can buy basically a thai curry kit: it has all the vegetables, curry paste and specialty ingredients in neat little packages inside and you just need to add protein of your choice and a bit of sugar and lime juice. Well, I prefer my coconut milk from a carton and not made out of powder, but strictly speaking it’s not necessary to buy it extra. It turned out surprisingly good. I’ll definitely make these again, especially when I’m too lazy to go to the Asian supermarket to get all the ingredients myself.

Here’s a look at my baking efforts (no picture of my curry. It resides happily in my stomach):


What did you cook or bake this weekend? Anything especially good? Or new? Something you’d like advice about from the hive mind?

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