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Weekend Goals

I wanted to share a funny series of photos I took of my kitty trying to steal my sandwich last night, but KINJAaaaAAA won’t let me. So instead I’m going to list my weekend goals.

  • De-Squalor. DE-SQUALOR! I did a huge amount of de-squaloring last night and got my kitchen to about 75%. I got the bathroom counter cleaned off this morning. Now to tackle the piles of clothes all over the apartment.
  • Get brunch! Mr.TenInch has a rare Saturday morning free, so we’re going to take advantage and actually go out for brunch together!
  • Be rid of clothes - look out for a free clothes post later this weekend! I was going to sell/donate my piles of unwanted clothes, but figure I’ll give GT a crack at them first.

That’s enough for one weekend. I have other things on my list, but I know my limits and this is honestly pushing them.

What are your weekend goals, GT?

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