I'm a little tipsy on Pinot Noir [insert Pinot Noir by Titus Andromedon] so I got the 'drink' part down. but I haven't participated in any Groupdrinks before (that I can rememeber) [insert Dylan Moran skit about how great a party was by how much you don't remember it], so I'm a little clueless how I should go about it. any advice? I'll leave you with Liza Minelli's Mein Herr to get your creative juices going.

also, alcohol, especially wine, makes me horny. so I'm thinking of all the guys I've banged across Europe. this was also brought on by watching The Notebook. I just happened upon it when I uncorked the wine and since I had never seen it before I thought it would be a lovely way to start off a Friday evening. and then there was Ryan Gosling. and then he was pulling stockings off Rachel McAdams. and I was conflicted - on one hand I wanted to be Rachel McAdams, on the other hand I wanted to be Ryan Gosling.

also, what's tonight's night cheese? I had Port Salut. and Saint Félicien.

and if you want to support EuroPride 2015 in Riga this June, here's a handy link for ya