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Weekend Highlights?

Anything spectacular happen to you this weekend, you crazy kids? Anything completely absurd? New favorite gif? Bring it, people.

Our microwave stopped working, which made me consider violence towards the GE company (it's only like 2.5 years old!). But, it ended up not raining today, which I think is the universe's way of leveling it out. Also, I got a Hillbilly Pot Roast* in the slow cooker and my house smells like fucking magic.


*For you heathens not raised in the South, Hillbilly Pot Roast is:

2 — 4 lb. Chuck roast

1 stick butter

1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

1 pkg "au jus"

pepperocinis, to taste.

You plunk that bad boy in your slow cooker, sprinkle the mixes on top, plop the stick of butter on there and add pepperocinis, if you so desire. 7 — 8 hours late (on low) that thing will make you find Jesus (HINT: HE IS IN YOUR MOUTH). The liquid that forms is fucking delicious over rice. You don't even add a drop of water to the pot!

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