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Because I was on a bloody brilliant hike this weekend -I’ll have you endure a very small selection of my pictures. I am more of a leasure hiker - my usual net hiking time is between 3 and 4 hours. I’ve been on hikes up to 6 hours, but after those I’m completely knackered. So I tend to stick to the shorter ones - this one was roughly 3.5 hours at an altitude of 2'ooo m and higher.

Lookit! The panorama - the lake is glacier and snow meltwater, not really where you want to swim.


My lunchbreak at one of the two major streams feeding into the lake. The water is delicious and very loud. The lake is not natural - the two rivers have been dammed up for hydroelectricity. There used to be a village where there’s now the lake (one of the highest permanent settlements in the alps). They relocated to another village, slightly below.

My lunch was a variation on this fantastic mashed chickpea salad. I cannot recomment it highly enough. It just needs some oil in my opinion and the greens are optional (spinach is better than kale here).


Some areas are a bit tricky to negotiate and justify the warnings, that this hike is not suitable for small children. Which some parents still ignored and brought their under 10 yos. At least one family had the good sense to bring a harness and some rope to secure their child on the tricky bits.


There’s a smallish upland moor area just before the hike’s end. I managed to time hike and rest so that I arrived with about 3 minutes to spare before the post bus took us down to the train station. Bus comes every hour, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world had I missed it, but this way the hike ended perfectly.


So... how were your weekend? Did you get to spend some time outdoors? What did you do?

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