What are all of you doing project-wise this weekend? Also whatever and stuff.

For me: my well is STILL not moving. I might have to get some heavy power gear in to move.

I started growing some oyster mushrooms:

They went from zero to this in 3 days. But to keep them going long term...well that’s the next project. I ordered a bunch of stuff that will get a treatment in my pressure canner and will be making a glove box this weekend. Anyone familiar with sterile tissue transfer, or preparing Petri dishes I have some questions!

And to top it off we made a goal to renovate the master bath this winter. So ordered a dumpster for Thanksgiving week to demolish it. Thankfully we have another. Neither of us us have done anything like this before so it's a bit scary. We've divided research but it will be a 3 month ordeal at least.