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I’ve got good news and bad new, guys. The good news? It’s Saturday!!! The bad new? It’s set to thunderstorm here so no goat yoga today. :( But, hey, the weekend can still be salvaged, right? So, what’s on your weekend vagenda this fine Saturday?

Since I will not be loved up on by/loving up on goats this morning (boooooo!), I will head down to the farmer’s market with my mama and take advantage of the cold and maybe rain. No worries for sunburn and probably a lot less crowded.


Tomorrow, assuming the weather cooperates, we are finally painting our garage! It has needed a touch up since we moved in and we will finally make it look a wee bit nicer.

Anyway, I gotsta go get ready for the market. What are you all up to?

Nothing particularly relevant to this post but I thought this article was interesting:

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