Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Weekend Vagenda

Good morning, GT! How are you keeping yourself going this weekend? Are you doing anything nice for yourself? I hope so!

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I’m working until noon today, then Homey and I are planning a walk around a nearby lake (it’s got very wide trails—probably 12 ft. or so across, so it should be a good, safe space to walk).

This afternoon, I am planning on a bubble bath!! Like, nice, long, leisurely bubble bath. I can’t wait! We’re ordering in food for dinner; we’ve been trying to do that once a week to support the local restaurants. And maybe a movie tonight.


Tomorrow, I’m going to do some home practice for my yoga and I’m supposed to do a Zoom call with extended family. I think it’s also time to break out a puzzle or some dominoes maybe. And a nap is verrrry much in order.

How about y’all?

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