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Weekend Vagenda OT

Good morning, my lovely lentils! What’s everyone up to today?

I’m perusing the internet while enjoying the rest of the bottle of my favorite champagne (my birthday was yesterday!), and I may cut myself a slice of cake soon to go with it because I can. #treatyoself


Speaking of the endless treasure trove that is the internet, if you haven’t seen the Harry Potter chapter written by a bot yet, well then Christmas came early, my friend, and have I got a present for you: https://yesplz.co/someone-just-illustrated-new-harry-potter-chapter-written-robot/

Ron’s Ron shirt is everything.

Anyway, I need to get up soon to put away clean laundry, but other than that I think the weekend will involve mostly couch time. And cooking something delicious later; I have ingredients to make aji verde sauce so that probably needs to happen.

How about you all?

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