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Weekend vagenda OT

Happy Saturday, y’all! What’s on your vagenda, this frigid (here, at least) weekend?

I’ve got yoga today, then lunch with my bro-bro. Tonight’s date night and I think we’re going to try a new Korean place near us. Although, if it’s as cold tonight as it’s been the past couple of nights, I might just order pizza or maybe I’ll make a yummy soup.


Tomorrow, the bestie’s coming over for brunch and we’re planning our trip to Aruba (eeee!). Then, hopefully, like... some nap time? :D Wait, if tomorrow is sportsball day, that’s usually a great day to go out to eat, see a movie, run errands, cuz everyone else is at home, so maybe I’ll do that. A quiet Target run on the weekend? Heaven!

How about y’all? Are you watching sportsball?

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