Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Happy Saturday, y’all! I am so, so happy it’s the weekend. Like, more than usual.

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This week was busy! I was out of town for a conference on Sun. and Mon., then back to work on Tue. I had lots (and lots) of grading this week, plus it’s that end of semester, “We better have meetings now cuz noone’s going to show in May” rush of meetings.


I did get to see Roxane Gay this week! She was as amazing as you’d expect, probably more so.

While all this stuff was lovely (ok, maybe not the meetings), I am ready for some D-O-W-N time. The weather will be cooperating with that—it is supposed to be chilly and rainy and windy and we’re even meant to get some snow tomorrow! SCHNERR IN UHRPRIL!

So, this weekend, my plans are to cook, clean, eat, read, and sleep. I’m going to do yoga this morning, hit the grocery store, then RELAX the rest of the dang weekend.

The only thing I’m excited about for tomorrow is food! :D

How about y’all? How was your week? And what’s on your vagenda this “spring” weekend?

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