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Weekend Vagenda OT

Not gonna lie, guys, I’m grumpy af right now. My racist/sexist uncle from TX visited last night and kept trying to bait the rest of my liberal, Trump-hating family into a “debate,” by which I mean, he just wanted to scream at us about Brett Kavanaugh. We managed to shut it down and he’s headed back to TX today. As far as I’m concerned, he can stay there.

Then Buster the Bastard started haranguing me to get up at like 5 this morning.

And we have an event at the in laws’ tonight, which will probably also be lots more male posturing/drinking/yelling.


Like... I just want to get a little sleep and hang out with my one good cat, man.

Please tell me your weekend is looking better than mine!

If I don’t crash out on the couch first, I’m going to yoga this morning, then doing some reading this afternoon. Tomorrow, I am doing breakfast with my bestie and then... I have nothing planned! Yaaaaaay!

How about you guys?

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