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Weekend Vagenda OT

Happy Saturday, all! What’s on your vagenda this lovely weekend?

Yesterday, I finally started to feel like I’m getting over this tummy thing. But I did decide last night to skip yoga today because, I swear to god, if I were in downward dog and something... happened. I would die a million deaths. And while I do feel lots, lots better, my tummy is still making science-experiment-gone-wrong-gurgly noises so, I think I made the right choice. :)


So, today will be no yoga, but a Target run and Homey and I are going to see the new Halloween movie, babay!!!! I’m psyched!! :D

Tomorrow, my plans are to grade a bit, read a bit, bake a bit, and have lunch with a friend. Should be good.

How about y’all?

(Oh, also? That cute lil “Vagenda” journal above is 40% off this weekend, if anyone’s interested!)


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