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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Weekend Vagenda OT

Happy Saturday, GT! What’s on your vagenda this weekend?

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I hope you’re all getting some nice weather today! It’s been chilly here—I had to break out my serious af winter coat already, hats and gloves, everything. It’s 12 degrees right now!

I twisted my ankle yesterday so no yoga for me today, sadly. It’s weird—some steps I don’t feel it but, other times, it buckles and I have to catch myself. Last night I actually did fall but I was just getting up off the couch, so I just fell back down on the couch and knocked over my water. :P Hopefully, a day or two taking it easy has it back to normal.


Today, will be coffee and grading. I am teaching an overload this semester and these last few weeks are gonna be rough. But I can do it.

This evening, Homey and I are going to a crepe making class—yum!!

Tomorrow will be reading for work in the morning (maybe I can talk Homey into picking up pumpkin donuts? :D), then I’m making a vegan beef-less stew for dinner. I’m looking forward to some nice, warm kitchen time with some yummy smells. I haven’t made this recipe before so fingers crossed!


How about y’all? What’s up in your world this weekend?

ETA: You guys, I think Literary_Funk could really use some love and support right now. Kinja’s not giving me the “Share to Kinja” option but you can find her comment here:



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