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Weekend Vagenda OT

G’mornin, GT! How are y’all? What’s on the docket for you this weekend?

Last night, I was texting with Edie Beale’s Costume and said something like, “I’m so sick of this weather that’s not quite real winter weather but it’s not spring weather either.”

Then I woke up, started getting ready for yoga, and looked outside the window to see 2 inches of snow and counting! And totally did this:


Be careful what you wish for, right? I mean, I want snow! I just, you know, want it on a school day!

I’m already feeling sliiiiightly under the weather (but not sick! I’m definitely not sick! Can’t afford to get sick right now!) so there’s just no way I’m going out into that crud. :P I haven’t attended an actual yoga class in like three weeks and I’m really missing my teacher but, yeah, no.

So, the plan for today was yoga, housecleaning, hosting my BIL and SIL for dinner and a game night. But, you know, scratch yoga off that list.

Tomorrow, I have planned a sweet, glorious, nothing. Classes start back up on Mon., so I am officially declaring tomorrow “Self-Care Sunday.” I will do some yoga and some writing, some cooking and some eating, a face mask and my nails. Should be lovely!


How about y’all?

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