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Weekend Vagenda OT

Happy Saturday, GT! What’s on your vagenda this first weekend in March?

Homey and I saw Spamalot last night and had a blast. Today, I’m skipping yoga to go have breakfast with one of my besties. We haven’t gotten together in awhile (thanks, snow!), so I’m excited to see her!


This afternoon will be a run to TJs and, this evening, I’m trying a new Thai place in town with one of my other besties. (I agree with Mindy on the Mindy Project—best friend is a tier, not a single person :).

Homey’s having guys’ night so, after dinner, I might just come home and cuddle up on the couch with a couple rotten kittens and a movie.

Tomorrow, I should clean... and I probably will. But mostly? I want to read and maybe do a little home yoga and relax. :)

How about y’all?

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