Good morning, GT—what’s up with you this weekend?

I’m supposed to go to yoga this morning but I’m not yet feeling up to it. I woke up with a massively tight neck, which of course gave me a headache, and my allergies have stuffed my nose ALL the way up, making the idea of downward dog a somewhat uncomfortable proposition. I might do a makeup class next week instead. :P


I can still go for a walk or bike ride, though, so I will likely be on a trail this morning, before the weather gets totally yucky.

Tomorrow, I’ve got brunch plans with a friend at a really cool restaurant near an apple orchard. They do funky dishes with local, humane ingredients. And we can get a flight of ciders! :D

A friend of mine has invited me to see Pete Buttigieg tomorrow, too. I’m not a big supporter of his so it feels like a little bit of a waste of time but maybe I’ll just go to support her.

How about y’all? Whatcha got going on this weekend?