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Happy Saturday, All! Am I the only one dreaming of snow?

This heat, y’all! I. can. NOT! But looks like I’m gonna hafta. :P

I’m ready for jeans, hot drinks, cooking soup all day, lighting candles. Siiiiigh.


Anywhoozles, how are you all? What’s on your vagenda this weekend? I’ve got yoga and at least trying not to spontaneously combust today. Tomorrow, if it’s cooler, a couple friends and I might go do rooftop yoga, followed by mimosas, at a local restaurant.

Otherwise, I guess I haven’t planned much for the weekend? Everyone I’ve been seeing this week has been like, “Welp... I guess I’m just gonna go home and sit in a/c. See you next week!” So, yeah. Probably just do some housework and read.

I might drag Homey to see Crawl because it looks so cheesy and fun. :D

How about you?


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