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Happy Saturday, GT! What are you up to this weekend? (Gross photo warning! Gross photo shows up later in this post!)

Yesterday was kinda rough (a long, miserable day of meetings was added to when someone made “veiled threats” against a faculty member, meaning we’re all on threat level midnight or whatever for Mon. and had to have extra safety meetings).


I’m also so, so sick of dudes taking over meetings to just spray their feelings all over the room. I was in a meeting that really could have been knocked out in 45 minutes or less, if the men in the room hadn’t gotten completely off task and used it as group therapy. I then went to a second meeting where we were actually getting stuff done (it was being led by a woman) and a dude who isn’t on that committee just barged in the room and started talking about what’s stressing him about start of school. FUCKING... WHO DOES THAT???

Then, I had a massage with a new to me therapist and she did cupping on me. Here’s how that turned out:

Look at my neck!! I woke up all sore and I started my period in my sleep. Things can only go up from here! :D

Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to turn into the “HH complaining” show.

Anywhoozles, I’m writing my last syllabus first thing today so I can R & R the rest of the weekend. How about y’all? Do you have some good and/or fun stuff planned for the weekend? Anybody else starting school back up on Mon.? How are you celebrating your last weekend of freedom? :D

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