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Weekend Vagenda OT

It’s the weekend... finally! What do y’all have planned?

I had a celebratory dinner with friends last night, then we went to see the Zombieland sequel. There was a kiddo sitting next to me (I’d guess mid-teens) who was taking selfies with the flash over and over and over during the movie. Like, what??? I asked him to stop and he did but do people think that’s normal now?


Anyway, I skipped yoga this morning and I literally have 0 things planned for the rest of the weekend. I’m hoping to totally hibernate. I’ll probably run to the co-op to grab some veggies and bread so we can have some yummy soup and I def. need to clean. But I am not grading a damn thing nor am I going to any events! I’m gonna read and eat and sleep and cuddle and that’s it, galldangit.

How about y’all?

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