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Happy Saturday, GT!

It’s the last weekend before caucus/primary season! Ours in on Mon. and I’ll be so, so happy to have it over with. I’m really not looking forward to this year’s cuz I think the Bernie Bros. and Buttigiegers are gonna be outta control. Siiiiiigh.


Anywhoozles, at least there’s a nice lil weekend before then. Last night, I had a friend over to watch Fateful Findings (featured on How Did This Get Made recently) and whoa and wow. I vacillated between screaming in anger and screaming in laughter for the full movie! It makes The Room look like real, professional cinema. Whoa and wow!

I don’t really have much planned for the rest of the weekend, except some grading a reading, sadly.

How about y’all? Hopefully, your weekend looks more exciting than mine! :D

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