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Weekend Vagenda OT

Happy Saturday, GT! What’s on your (long, if you’re in the U.S. or Canada) weekend vagenda?

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We just finished our first week of school (we were pushed back because of the derecho). Our K- 12 schools still aren’t ready to open; every school suffered damage, unfortunately, and many still don’t have internet or even electricity. They are not set to start until Sept. 21(!!).

As for me, I’m teaching 2 classes over Zoom and the rest as asynchronous online courses. So far, so good. I’m not as far ahead in the asynchronous courses as I’d like, as far as producing content, but I am enough ahead to be safe and keep the students busy.


I am fucking loving office hours over Zoom! I am so much more productive at home where I can control the lighting, temperature, and smells. And, as much as I love my coworkers, I tend to be the de facto therapist for many folks in our department but they aren’t just popping in to offload over Zoom. I am cleaning, I am grading, I am exercising—office hours from home 4 lyfe!

Anywho, my plan for today is to get in a solo walk, scrape the deck, grill out with Homey, and maybe even get a nap in there! The weather is supposed to be relatively nice so maybe an outdoor movie night is in order.


Tomorrow, I’m going to take an hour or two to do some grading, just so I’m not crushed by it on Tue. and create more content for classes. And Monday is supposed to be beautiful—72 and sunny! I’ve got a (masked, distanced) walk planned with a friend I haven’t seen since March so I’m so excited to catch up with her. And probably more work on the deck. :)

Oh! And! I signed up to write 100 postcards for Flip the West and Homey signed the two of us up to write 300 postcards for Postcards to Swing States. (I’m a masochist and signed myself up for the extra 100 to support the post office by buying stamps, so, by the time this is done, I’ll personally have written 250 postcards. Right now, I’ve completed something like 180 or 190 of that). I have 30 left to write for Flip the West, which goes out first, so I’m going to knock those out this weekend. It’ll feel so good to finish that up and get my dining room table back. :)


How about y’all? Are you doing anything to celebrate Labor Day? Educators, how did your first week(s) go?

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