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Mornin’, everyone. How are you doing? I hope everyone got some good sleep and is feeling ok this morning. What are your plans this weekend?

Remember to take care of yourself first this weekend. We’ve all had a rough go of it recently. Take some time to eat and drink well, if you can, do some stretching or go for a walk, treat yourself to a little spa action, read or watch watch something escapist, if you need to. And, if you like ‘em, give and get some hugs.

Illustration: Cloudy Thrustag (https://cloudythurstag.myportfolio.com/take-care-of-yourself-2017)

On top of the hell of the national news over the last couple weeks, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks at work, which means the house has fallen apart and I haven’t seen Homey much.

Today, I’m starting with yoga and then I’m going to treat myself to a fancy coffee. After that, I have planned nothing. Sweet, beautiful nothing. Homey’s mom is having a family reunion this afternoon. I have informed him that I will not be going to that and, because he’s wonderful, he was like, “Oh, of course! I wouldn’t expect you to!” Kind, understanding man.

So, I’ll get a chunk of the day to myself. When he gets home, I’m going to make us a big, beautiful harvest salad for dinner, with some roasted potatoes on the side; if I feel up to it, I’ll stop and get us some nice cheese and bread from the co-op. After dinner, I’m going to drink wine and eat chocolate and cuddle with my husband.

A day without news, a day without work, and a day without anyone but Homey sounds just like heaven right now.


How about you guys?

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