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Weekend weirdness?

I had the most bizarre conversation with my future mother-in-law today. (Background: We are getting married in May. My fiance's sister is already married and had talked previously about having a child during her fellowship year - a year after our wedding is set. Once our wedding date was set, she announced that she and her husband were trying to conceive and got offended if anyone pointed out that she may not be able to attend our wedding because she'd be too pregnant to travel safely or the mother of a very newborn.) Somehow, today, my conversation with my MIL turned to how my fiance and his younger sister didn't have the best relationship growing up because he was a jerkface older brother, and because he is very gregarious and got a lot of attention from other people as a child. My MIL said that my SIL feels like my fiance is still dominating her life and is upset that we are getting married when we are, because she and her husband would ideally have their baby that month. I responded by saying that it's unfortunate that she feels that way because we want her to be at the wedding (and a bridesmaid), and obviously siblings want to take part in each other's major life events, but to a certain extent, they can't plan their lives around what their adult sibling is doing and, as adults, have to do what's best for them. That effectively ended the conversation. Thankfully.

A few thoughts:

(1) My fiance thinks (and this is a reasonable interpretation) that his mother, a therapist, was psychoanalyzing his sister and that his sister likely doesn't feel this way. Could be. But the way that it was announced that she was trying to conceive could also push the interpretation the other way - that the sister does feel this way. If she does, I can't control it and I have no part in the background relationship between my fiance and his sister that would have shaped these feelings. So, I don't really care except to the extent that it becomes a point of contention and makes my fiance upset, when we're trying to be very relaxed about this wedding. If it was that the mom was psychoanalyzing the sister, I don't understand the point of sharing that analysis with us.


(2) I had a feeling something like this would come up, so I preemptively discussed what to do with my own therapist, and it worked. So that was really great.

(3) I am actually really glad my fiance's family is sorta weird, because on the surface everything seems so damn healthy.

Anyway, what was your weekend weirdness? (PS in the event that this gets the sort of funny, insightful comments Groupthinkers typically submit, please do not mainpage. I would feel really weird if my thoughts on this somehow made their way to any members of my fiance's family.)

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