You will never, ever guess who didn't spend any daytime in bed this weekend - ME! I got up and went to yoga BOTH days this weekend. Not all my problems are solved (and I guess solving all your problems is not a thing) but I'm really, really proud of myself for going to class 3 times this week and refusing to give in to the lure of another day in bed watching sitcom reruns and crying intermittently.

The thing is, it's like, what do I miss? I don't miss the sexual frustration, I don't miss always splitting the check when he made way more money, I don't miss feeling like a backup plan when it rained and he couldn't play tennis. I mainly miss having parties to go to and a preset group of friends to hang out with. That's pretty much it. Hanging out on our own wasn't fun anymore, so I don't miss that. I guess I just feel a little lost.

Yoga, writing class (when it's in session), and meeting a friend to write together once a week - what else? I am rebuilding all of my free time. Weekends are definitely the toughest. I hope this city feels big enough for the both of us very soon, so I'm not always a little afraid of passing his car.