Like Rainbow Bright Eyes, might have realized earlier, I was thinking while walking my dog, "Hey, this is GROUPTHINK! We (pretty much) all have posting priveledges! I could do a weekly round-up of a topic that interest me!"

I am an artist and a full believer that EVERYONE is an ARTIST. Even the well manipulated and edited together GIF combo can be an artistic expression. GROUPTHINK is a great intelligent and supportive community with people who are damned talented. It is a great fertile soil to grow from and that's the perfect reason to have:

A WEEKLY ARTSY FARTSY ROUND UP! (Better name to be determined?)

Creative writing experiments. Works in progress. Creative process questions. Suggestions to get your own artistic impulses going.


Copyright issues may be of some concern so read back to the suggestions by Burt, Ninjacate and a few others about posting on your own blog and then copy/pasting or linking here.


Personally, I'm excited to further develop my writing skills AND my attention to my fellow GroupThinkers while encouraging people to embrace their inner artist no matter how it expresses itself.

Suggestions for the weekly (or bi-monthly) post, recommendations, etc. are all welcome and encouraged. I'm pretty new to GroupThink (two months maybe?) but am looking forward to creative another way that we can communicate, be recognized and be inspired by each other.