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Weekly Call to Action

I’m (mostly) recovered from my various ailments, I’m (over 50%) unpacked in my new place, so it’s time to get to it. I’m also posting to motivate myself to do a couple of these, because I’m hitting a wall in my activism. So let’s be active together!

From Indivisible:

  1. Demand that your MoC #CloseTheCamps by working to Defund Hate. The funding that Congress gives agencies like ICE and CBP is the root of all of the atrocities we have seen Trump commit against immigrant families and communities. Call your member of Congress and tell them that you expect them to cut funding to these agencies as part of the appropriations process this year.
  2. Tell your MoC that it’s time to start the impeachment process.Democrats don’t need to wait until Robert Mueller testifies on July 24 to know that Trump’s cruelty, corruption, and lawlessness are impeachment-worthy. Call your member of Congress today and tell them to start an impeachment inquiry by supporting H.Res.257.
  3. It’s time for your MoC to vote to #RaiseTheWage. The House will vote later this week on H.R. 582, the Raise the Wage Act, to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024. But Republicans are sure to offer a motion to recommit to try to divide Democrats and stall this bill, which would fulfill a key promise Democrats made before the 2018 midterms. Call your member of Congress and tell them to vote YES on H.R. 582, and NO on any amendments or Republican motions to recommit that would weaken it.

There’s also this week’s Americans of Conscience list:

I am committing here to talking to my rep(s) about defunding hate and closing the camps.  What will you commit to?

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