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I forgot to do one of these last week, so this can be a double food post! What did you eat that was awesome last week/what are you excited to eat this week?

Last week was pretty good, food wise. I made this coconut lime chicken with cilantro lime rice and brussels sprouts to try to impress the Constable's newly non-vegetarian brother (and it was a success!):


I also finally had a successful meal from my new crockpot (last time the pork chops got way overcooked - blech!):


I'm pretty excited for this week. I'm trying to mix things up. I've been pretty uncreative about snacks (I mean, carrots and hummus are delicious, but I've eaten SO MANY lately), so this week I'm trying steamed broccoli with this sauce:

I'm trying these spicy tuna guacamole bowls on the Constable's recommendation:


And I'm SUPER excited to try these:


So tell me, GT, what are you eating this week/what awesome things did you eat last week? And to help me be more creative, what are your favorite healthy snacks?

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