Welcome back, food lovers of GT! I feel like there's been a lot of food posts lately, so I don't know how necessary this is, but you can never have too many food posts, right? But to mix things up, let's focus on everything BUT dinner! What are your favorite, breakfasts, snacks, lunches, desserts?

I'm really addicted to grab-and-go breakfasts, so I decided to try these out:


They were really good, although I definitely prefer my baked goods on the sweeter side. I added just a touch of peanut butter and jelly for breakfast this morning like in the picture, which made it slightly less portable but SO GOOD.


I'm still trying to mix it up with snacks plus I had a bunch of leftovers from last week that I'm trying to use up, so tomorrow I'm having sugar snap peas with a Babybel cheese for my first snack and half an avocado with lemon juice and salt for my second snack. I usually try to have a more veggie snack in the morning and fruit or nut snack (or both!) in the afternoon.

But guys, the thing I'm most excited about this week is I completely improvised a salad! I started this meal planning business 6 months ago being absolutely hopeless without a recipe, unless the thing I was making was like bacon and eggs or pasta + butter. This week I was going to make this quinoa avocado salad I found a recipe for, but I was already having more pasta than usual this week so I decided to cut down on the carbs a bit. So tomorrow I'm having a salad made entirely of leftovers from my fridge! It's spinach, cucumbers, coleslaw mix, steamed asparagus, a boiled egg and a homemade French dressing (okay, that I got the idea for from Buzzfeed, but I totally eyeballed the ingredients!) I don't even really care how it tastes, I'm just so excited that I made something!

And, okay, I do have to touch on dinner a tiny bit, because I made this slow cooker pork ramen yesterday and it was literally the best food for the amount of effort I've ever eaten. 5 minutes in the morning + 20 minutes at night (most of which was just watching the pasta cook anyways) for a freaking delicious soup that legit tasted as good as any ramen I've ever had.


So tell me, GT, what are your favorite non-dinner recipes? (Or improvised meals!) And I guess if you had a really exceptional dinner this week, you can talk about that too.