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Weekly Goals Post!

What are your goals this week and why those goals?

1. Floss at least 3 times this week. Missed this one last week, but hope springs eternal.

2. Drink a ton of water every day. I’m travelling for work midweek and inevitably I forget to drink enough water when my routine is different and I end up crabby, bloated, and headachey because of not drinking enough water.


3. Sort box of makeup samples into categories: oh shit why didn’t I put this in my travelling bag already, oh I should put this with the rest of my makeup and try it out, and see if anyone else wants these.

4. Actually unpack suitcase the day I get back from my work trip. This also proves to be surprisingly difficult for me.

ETA 5. Proofread posts so that I don’t forget adjectives to help sentences make more sense.

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