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Welcome To The Bitchery

Weekly Online Dating LOLZ

Ok so, about 4 months ago (according to him) a guy contacted me on OKC. He was cute so we flirted a bit. Then he suggested we move our chat onto gchat because the OKC chat app is shit (true!).

We chatted a bit on gchat and then he sends me a file of videos. Videos of him fucking some woman who I am still not sure even knew she was being video taped. At the time I was just flabbergasted. I don't do well with flabbergasted. Offended? Sure. I'll tell you to fuck yourself in a heartbeat. But I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say.

Ha, cool. So...you've had sex before. Awesome. Me too!


Nice rhythm.....

?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? What the hell do you say to that?!

So I just stopped talking to him, hoping he would go away. And he did...until today when he sent the following message:

Four months later, I still want to "bang [you]." :)

Ew. FUCK. OFF. Any horrible (or good!) online dating exchanges this week? Share!


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