Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Weekly Wellness Post

Hello fellow Jezzies. How are we doing this week? I ran some insane valleys and canyons earlier this week (equivalent of 62 flights of stairs!) and my leg muscles are still screaming. I am, however, about to take it easy the next few days while I go to NYC for a long weekend. I do plan on running in Central Park for one workout while I’m gone, though, so we’ll see if my plans come to fruition.

I’m very close to my hoped-for goal weight before I went on my Florida beach vacation next weekend, so the real goal is to keep the eating under control for another 10 days.


I’ve also been less than successful looking for a therapist. My insurance company literally has a list of hundreds, and it’s like: where do I begin? My GP provided a list, none of whom my insurance provider covers, and another therapist I found who seemed great is not taking new patients, so I’m back to square one. Le sigh...

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