Heeeeeeey good-looking GroupThinkers!

WeePiglet is selling the Girl Scout cookies again. Orders are being taken until March 1st and cookies are $4 per box (and if you'd like to chip in some $$ for shipping, that would be awesome but is absolutely not required at all). Keep in mind that you can choose to donate boxes to our troops (through Operation Shoebox) OR you can elect to donate boxes to the food bank here in NJ, which is our Brownie troop's pet charity.

As with last year, hit me at mad.piglet.42 at gmail with your order and I will give you my PayPal address so we can do the money thing.

WHEN YOU ORDER: please include your Muggle name and address IN YOUR EMAIL. I know there are more than a few of you who ordered last year and you can all rest assured that your info is safe with me. I have no interest in doxxing anyone for any reason because my life is full of much more interesting hobbies. ;)

Here's the lineup for this year:

Savannah Smiles: lemon shortbread

Trefoils: regular shortbread (good with Nutella!)

Do-Si-Dos: oatmeal cookie sandwich with peanut butter inside

Samoas: honestly, if you don't know what a Samoa is, you need to get out more

Rah-Rah Raisins (new for 2015): oatmeal-raisin, surprisingly not bad

Tagalongs: shortbread and peanut butter, covered in chocolate

Thin Mints: duh (FUN FACT: Thin Mints are vegan!!)

Thanks to YOU GOOD-LOOKING, SMART PEOPLE, WeePiglet sold 444 boxes last year. I know we tried our best to get original artwork into all the packages and we may do that again as a thank-you. Haven't decided yet.


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