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Weight Loss Surgery: Tell me all you know!

For years I have gone back and forth with the idea of having weight loss surgery (most likely the lapband and not gastric). I always decided against it, because even though I was heavy, I was healthy, and overall I have pretty solid self esteem around my body.

Then this year, after being a borderline/moderate diabetic since I was in my twenties (and yes, I got diabetes when I was young AND THIN, take that fat shamers), my sugar started to rise, and my weight was all over the place. I’d lose 20 pounds without even trying, and then gain 30 pounds back in 6 weeks, it’s been a trip on my body for sure. Now my blood sugars are high enough that I’ve had to start insulin. Seems like the yo-yo weight was a symptom of my body stopping to produce any insulin (I may be butchering my understanding of this, so feel free to chime in if I am!).

Pros for Weight Loss Surgery:

  • I’m 35, and worry about the extra weight impeding the lifestyle I enjoy (I do a lot of world travel and exploring).
  • There’s a chance that if I get the surgery done now, I will be able to delay insulin for a bit longer.
  • My insurance covers it at 100% (and everything associated with it).
  • I have the vacation/sick time to have it done and recover.

Cons for Weight Loss Surgery:

  • I’ve never had major surgery before and it scares me!
  • Several people I know who’ve had the surgery aren’t happy afterward, and seem to have more body dysmorphia issues.
  • Several people I know also have gotten ill (not getting enough vitamins, throwing up all the time, host of other side effects).
  • Its not a cure all, and some people gain all the weight back.
  • I’m worried I’ll look older once I lose the weight, most people I know who got it, have aged in their faces once the weight went way (fat in the face fills in the lines!) It’s vain, but this one of my biggest reasons I don’t want to get it.

But basically, I want to know what your journey or someone’s you know journey has been:

  • What were the first steps?
  • How long did it take from start to finish?
  • How much weight did you have to lose before the surgery
  • How was your insurance and what kind of pre qualifications did they have (I have Kaiser)
  • What was the psych eval like?
  • What obstacles did you encounter?
  • Would you do it again?

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