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Weight stuff

TW : weight issues, obviously.

I really hate speaking of weight or ackowledging my (heavy) weight. A month ago, I had no choice because my nephrologist told me I wouldn't need meds anymore for my proteinuria if I lost 20 to 30 pounds - my kidney would simply have an easier job and stop overfiktrating. I'm kind of ashamed of my slow steady weight gain (35 pounds in 6 years - I was never skinny, but my bmi was not so bad in my early 20s) so I didn't tell anyone in my life about it. And believe you me, it's harder to lose weight when you're not telling people because they love you and bring you delicious foods. All the time. My husband especially cooks amazing fatfilled meals, man. But I lost about 10 pounds! And I'm really proud of myself but nobody knows I've been trying so I have nobody to tell. Except you guys, so I'm telling you. I'm seeing my nephrologist again in 3 months and a half, so that's my time to lose 15 to 25 more. I know losing gets much slower with time, so I'm just watching my portions and what I eat more and logging what I eat on free app tools. When my knee stops hurting/ I wean my kid (the loss of calcium doesn't help, I've read), I can exercise more.


But yeah, I'm happy with myself and I wanted to share that. I'm taking action for my poor lonely kidney.

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