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Weird, Arbitrary Shit We're Self-Conscious About

I feel like most people are self-conscious about pretty common things. Weight is definitely a major one. Judging by a recent post on the mainpage, height is another (I know I've felt self-conscious about being 5'2"). Skin, teeth, hair - all of it sucks that we're even concerned about it i the first place. But, regardless, many of us are. Patriarchy and societal norms and all that.

But what about the other shit? The random shit that seemingly has no basis in reality that we're self-conscious about? I can't be the only one who's concerned about something that's utterly ridiculous.

What is it, you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

My hands. I have big hands. I have been told that I have "man-hands," whatever that means. My boyfriend's hands are the same size as mine, and he has pretty average sized hands. My ex's hands were only slightly larger than mine. Most men's hands are only slightly larger than mine, if larger at all.


And it's apparently a family trait! My mom and my sister both have even bigger hands than I do! And they don't give a shit, cuz why would they? They're just hands! But for some reason, I am oddly self-conscious about the size of my hands. I don't like getting manicures because I feel I'm being silently judged for my man-hands. I hate wearing rings or anything that would draw attention to my hands. I do paint my nails, but I tend to paint them dark colors in an attempt to make my hands...look...smaller? That's how dark colors work, right? They make things look smaller? Ok I'm done.

What the fuck. Why in the world do I give a shit? Is it because women are supposed to dainty all around? Well fuck that nonsense. My man-hands deliver a mean right hook and are perfect for playing guitar and piano. Yet I'm still all "I wish I had smaller hands."

So, what weird, arbitrary shit are you self-conscious about?

ETA - WHOA! I can't believe all the comments on this! I threw this post up as I had a random thought while doing homework. I had no idea how many people would actually chime in.


But take a look at the comments. Look at all the crap we're self-conscious about, and for what? And why? I can't count how many people on here alone flat out said "no one notices this but me." I feel like I want to make some grand conclusion about how we should all love ourselves, but clearly I ain't doing a good job of that myself. But if nothing else, at least we know we're not alone.

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