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Welcome To The Bitchery

So remember the neighbour I complain about who couldn't stand me having a towel on my deck railing for more than a night?
Well WomBear just had a WTF conversation with her.
They have a cat. We have a cat. Neither of our cats like other cats. Whatever. We both have out cats on our decks, only unlike them we but ours on a harness and lead so she doesn't go too far.
WomBear had her out there tonight because it was gorgeous out and I had just done up a little garden area in the corner.
Lady is outside smoking (not allowed) when she says, "Oh, you have a cat."

WomBear: Happily, "Yeah, this is Carlin."
Neighbour: "There's so many cats in this building. I can't stand it."
WomBear: "Oh. uh.."
Neighbour: "Well I hope your Carlin and my cat don't meet out here because that would be a problem."
WomBear: "...Okay..."

They were in stony silence when I came outside and when I said hi to her she half-heartedly said hi back and kept smoking, and looking down at her phone.

What is your problem bitch?!
I got so pissed that after she went inside I let Carlin sit on the rail between our decks which I normally don't do. I just don't care enough to police my deck use because she doesn't know how to share space with another person.


I don't know, ladies. Maybe I'm just feeling ragey. My uterus is on fire, my legs still hurt from my run on Thursday and I dyed the underside of my hair black but went way higher one side than the other.

Snacks already has the anger and complaints post nailed, so share your weird neighbour stories with me!


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