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Weird boss behaviour

I’ve mentioned before that I’m having some health issues with extreme fatigue. In spite of this, I put in 50 hours of overtime last winter to get a project finished by the deadline, and I have not yet missed one hard deadline. However, some things take me longer to do than they should because I can’t think as well as I used to be able to. When the pressure’s on, I perform, but as soon as the pressure’s gone, it’s like my body just gives up.

In the spring, my boss mentioned that I could work from home when I was feeling unwell. This helped me a lot, and I worked from home probably once every couple weeks. A few weeks ago, my boss rescinded this offer, saying working from home shouldn’t be the norm and I have to take sick days when I can’t come in to work. I said okay.


Two weekends ago, I did another two hours of overtime on the weekend to meet a deadline. Having to work overtime was not because of a lack of work on my part, but because of a hard external deadline.

The past few weeks have been hard. My boss was away last week, and my productivity tanked. I did quite a bit of reading, but produced almost no concrete deliverables (writing, in this case).


Last Monday, I took the day off and entered it as casual sick time, as per protocol. I am nowhere near reaching my allowed limit of casual sick time. My boss never responded to my email letting her know I was unwell. On Tuesday, I wrote her an email explaining that I hadn’t been doing well and acknowledging that my productivity had been low. I let her know that I have another doctor’s appointment on Friday where I would be pushing for a referral to another specialist (I am trying very hard to find some kind of solution to this fatigue; earlier this summer I saw an internist who recommended “lifestyle changes” that I’ve implemented with no result). My boss is not entitled to this information, nor indeed any details about my illness, but we have talked about it because she asked and I wanted to maintain a good working relationship. So she knows what’s going on. Today I left work about two hours early because I was shaky, nauseaous, and nodding off due to fatigue. I sent my boss an email just letting her know I was leaving early (no details about my how I was feeling).

She has not responded to any of my emails about taking sick time or explaining my abysmal productivity last week. She has responded to regular work-related emails.


Other relevant details: I am sometimes not at work for the full eight hours, as I often start work in the morning before I leave and work through lunch. I do this because I know I will crash later in the day. I haven’t told my boss this because I don’t think she’d understand. (I have my own office and no one monitors my comings and goings.)

I am leaving for two weeks vacation starting Friday, and I am freaking out that she’s saving some kind of talking to or disciplinary action against me for tomorrow and that’s why she’s not responding to my emails. I don’t think she has a right to hold my illness against me, but I’m worried that she will anyway and it’s stressing me out. I had a very positive yearly performance review at the end of June, and got a raise. But it’s so bizarre that she hasn’t responded to any of my health-related emails.


What’s going on? Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance. :)

ETA: She just responded to my email about going home early today. Her response was completely normal.

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