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I was born and raised Catholic, as were my parents and their parents before them (and as far back as I could probably trace anyone in our family). So, we had a healthy belief in saints and angels and all that Catholic-y stuff. I can't remember the context of why my mom told me this once, but at some point in my childhood, I remember her saying to me, "If you pray to your guardian angel at night and ask them to wake you up in the morning, you'll never oversleep. Your guardian angel will always get you up on time if you let him know when you need to be up."

In retrospect, guardian angel-as-alarm clock seems pretty silly. But, I bought into it. And I would think, pretty intently before I went to sleep, "Please make sure I'm awake by 7:00," and, sure as shit, I'd often wake up just a few minutes before my alarm would go off. Because, as much as my parents believed in religion - hey, we weren't fools. We believed in technology. We set alarm clocks.


But it never failed. To this day, if there's something that I am particularly concerned about being on time for in the morning, I'll think, "Please make sure I'm up by ..." and my eyes will always pop open, like they're freaking spring loaded, right before the alarm is set to go off. And I am NOT a morning person.

All this week, my son had band camp. He was supposed be at school be 8:00 every morning. I told him to set his alarm every day, but luckily, my husband also would have to leave the house around 7:15 for work, so he'd usually wake him up if he wasn't already awake. But my husband doesn't work his usual schedule on Fridays. So this morning, I had a dream where my husband rolled over and said, "Of course, MountainBoy didn't get up with alarm, as usual. Guess he's going to be late. Maybe he'll learn a lesson." And in my dream, I rolled over, looked at my clock, and it was 8:30. Which shocked me, and I woke up. And it was 7:20.

So, is it just some weird brain-thing, some little internal clock working to yell at me, "WAKE UP!" Because it can't seriously be a winged spectral being sitting there, tapping me on the shoulder, right? Because that would be totally creepy. But I told my son he ought to put in a wake up call to the Heavenly Host just in case. Can't hurt.

UPDATE: My son had to be up this morning again for a band event. He woke me at 7:15 so I could drive him. He didn't say anything, but later, as we were driving home from the even, he said, "Hey Mom. That whole waking up thing? Uhh ..." and I said, " OMG. Your guardian angel woke you up." And he said, "Yeah. But she was like 20 minutes early! I guess she had other people on her list she had to get to." I told him he should probably get his request in earlier next time so he gets higher on the priority list ;)

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