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Weird car sound

Good morning! We have a scary sound coming from the car this morning, and I don't know what it is. Anyone know something about cars? It just started this morning. When we turned on the heat, this slapping/dull knocking sound started coming from the glove box area. It's louder and faster when the heat is turned up higher. When we turned the heat all the way down the sound almost went away. Any ideas? It's also like zero degrees here this morning, I'm not sure if that could be playing a part in this. My boyfriend said "Oh, sounds like some ice is in a fan or something." But I don't think that's a thing. It does sound like a fan or maybe a loose belt hitting something.

I think we're probably screwed. And we only have about $300 to our name right now, so if it costs more than that to fix it we are just not going to have a car to drive. I'm officially panicking.


Update - Thank you so much to everyone who's giving me advice, I really appreciate it! And we live in the Columbus, Ohio area, if anyone knows a mechanic they can recommend.

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