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Welcome To The Bitchery

Weird community indicators

Have you ever learned a lot about the local community in a really weird way?

Today’s example is the local Time it lube. Since I’m waiting for my oil change and have the attention span of a sugared up toddler right now, I started perusing the titles of the book display that they have under the tvs. I don’t think I have seen such a succinct embodiment of a large portion of my city, ever. Some choice examples:

The Duck Commander Devotional.

A Look at life from a deer stand (note, there are 2 versions available - one soft leather bound and another as a small hard cover)


Too Blessed to be Stressed (::eye roll::)

Reversing Diabetes

My Bedtime Story Bible

Power Prayers for Women

Really, all that is missing is something about beating your pill addiction through power of prayer, and the collection would be perfect.

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