Since it seems like things are a little quiet, I figured it was time to stir up some ~CONTROVERSY~. But let's keep it to civil controversy?

Ladies and gentlemen and otherwise-identified humans, if you keep your pubic hair, do you wash it? I am lazy and squalorly, so usually I just do a quick-but-careful wipe of that area with a washcloth. I have always wondered how others handle it, though. Do you shampoo? Condition? Normal soap? Ignore it completely?

Do you do anything in particular to keep it soft? Mine is always kinda wiry, but not too much so, unless it's damp. Then it's beautiful and luxurious. (I would love to have it luxurious all the time!)

Overshare: I tend to yo-yo between trimmed shorter but not edged and full-on Amazon rainforest. I'm too lazy and don't care to deal with razor burn unless I'm in a swimsuit, which is rare as it is. I think it might be because I had a low-maintenance mother who sported a full bush, so it's just what I grew up seeing.

Digression: I found my dad's Penthouse magazines when I was 10. I couldn't figure out what was ~different~ about them, until I realized none of the women had pubic hair.