So Sophie was ... weird ... this morning. She spent our morning walk looking compulsively behind us, and at one point started doing her snarling “stay away from me, intruder” bark, but there was nothing there.

And after we got home she started acting like she was starving. She was jumping desperately to get to the food while I was filling the bowls and then scarfed it down like she thought it was going to disappear at any second. She even snarled at Buster, which I’ve seen her do over toys, but never over food.

She ate normally yesterday, and I have NEVER seen her do anything like this, even when I first adopted her off the street. She likes to graze slowly over a half hour or more, taking mouthfuls of food and dropping them on the rug and then leisurely eating one piece at a time.

She’s definitely been a little tense and off all week, which I’ve just attributed to the upheaval from the move. She hasn’t been settling down well in her bed when I leave for the day— she just lies there with her head up and watches me, tensing a little whenever I move. It’s not as bad as it’s sometimes been (when she’s really agitated she’ll just stand stiffy, and that’s generally when she does the woman-being-murdered shriek whenever I leave), but it’s definitely noticeable.

I don’t know how much of that is related to what happened this morning, though, because seeing invisible enemies and acting food insecure are entirely new behaviors.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas about what could be prompting it?


Here she is looking particularly small and pathetic on a blanket she’s chewed up: