Last night, I dreamt that Christopher Hitchens told me not to give up on my dreams or lose hope. Even weirder than that, I was doing hot yoga in an Ann Taylor Loft.

I think the hot yoga in the Ann Taylor Loft has to do with the fact that my birthday was a few days ago and I'm getting older and have aged out of (I would say "tasted out" of places but, sometimes my taste is questionable) places like forever21 or Urban Outfitters. Also, I don't like Ann Taylor Loft! Or Hot Yoga!

What does it all mean?! Is Christopher Hitchens my Jim Morrison a la Wayne's World 2? If he is, he's too late, because I have up on my dreams a while ago and I think I lost hope sometime last week around 2pm. So, NICE TRY CHRIS.


What kind of weird dreams are you all having? I certainly can't be the only one.