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Weird dream/brain things

For as long as I can remember, I’ve kind of wanted to see a tornado. I don’t know why, since I don’t particularly want to be in an earthquake or hurricane, but I can’t shake this little desire to see a tornado (from a safe distance). As a result, I’ve been dreaming about it for literally my whole life, and lately the dreams have gotten meta.

Once or twice a year, since I was a kid, I’ve had a dream where I see a tornado and am super excited (much happier than I would be in real life, since in real life I know I’d be terrified). In recent years, my subconscious has been remembering my previous dreams, because in the new tornado dreams I’m thinking “Finally! It’s not a dream this time- I’m actually seeing a tornado!”

It reached a new level of meta last night, because in my dream I became aware of the fact that if I’m seeing a tornado, it must be a dream. In the dream I saw one forming in the distance, was excited, remembered all the other dreams, got even more excited that it wasn’t a dream, but then started second guessing myself and trying to prove to myself (in the dream) that I for sure wasn’t dreaming. I was actually pinching myself and looking for unrealistic things in the dream to prove that it really, truly, wasn’t a dream, and I was actually seeing a tornado. Just as I convinced myself that it was real, I woke up.


Where is it going to go next time?

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