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I had this dream last night that was very accurately summarizes my life at present. In it, I was freaking out about getting everything done. I was at work and I was trying to open and move these boxes but more were added to the pile faster than I could even look at them. Then I had too much stuff going on outside work to work 40 hours a week and I was freaking out about money. I was adding money in columns trying to figure out how much I had. But then I was in my kitchen with Greenhunk and there was this giant potted plant. And I noticed that there was this HUGE mosquito with its beak embedded into the plant's stem like several inches deep. The thing was like 2 feet long and as big around as my leg. With awe and terror, I turned to Greenhunk and said, "Look, it's a terrorism mosquito!" In my dream I knew that terrorism mosquitoes fed on sadness and fear (and didn't have anything to do with international terrorism). And I grabbed it by the middle of its body, keeping its beak away from me. It struggled so hard I almost dropped it, but I held on. I threw it on the floor and stomped on it and it was dead. And then the alarm clock went off.


This year has been insanely busy for me, and I have been really stressed about time and money lately. But it has also been about learning to reject unhappiness and fear, the emotions that were like family when I lived with the Abusive Asshole, and learn to be happy and fearless and brave and to love again with my whole heart. I'm really happy I learned to kill the Terrorism Mosquito.

Tell me your weird dreams! I love hearing about other people's dreams!

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