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Welcome To The Bitchery
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WEIRD DREAMS (and a thank you)

But first! This internet community is awesome. Thanks for listening (and understanding) those feelings I always hesitate to voice out loud in "the meatspace." I love seeing the support everyone has for each other - and I'm really glad to be part of it!

Okay, onto the weirdness.

I don't know if it was the couple of cheetos I ate as an evening snack, or the chocolate pudding I had for dessert or the comic book I finally got around to reading (it was probably the comic book), but I had a couple of weird weird dreams.


Dream 1: I steal Carly Rae Jepson's car (a very sensible four-door automatic, fwiw) because I need to get somewhere and I'm desperate. A bit of background: I don't have a license, and I only barely know how to drive. As I'm inching out of her parallel parking job, some asshole starts blaring his horn at me, startling me enough that I step on the gas instead of the brakes and ram right into the car in front of me, completely destroying its bumper. I freak out and being careful be damned, I zoom away - causing quite a bit of damage to the cars around me. Later, after I've ditched the car, and am freaking out about what I've done, I see a news spot about the woman who stole Carly Rae Jepson's car and left a trail of destruction in her wake. "Security camera footage shows her to be an Asian woman, approximately 5'8", with blue hair." At which point I have a MAJOR panic attack and debate whether I should turn myself in or become a fugitive from the law. I shave off all my hair intending to become a fugitive...but then I have a change of heart and decide to turn myself in.

I woke up as dream!me walked into the police station. And, as I lay in bed, I actually had to think and reassure myself that no, you did not steal Carly Rae Jepson's car. She is in LA or NYC or wherever and you are in bed in DC. You did not actually commit this crime.


Once I'd sufficiently calmed down, I fell back asleep.

(Okay, here is where the squeamish should probably skip to the end? TW: GROSS BUGS do not want)


Dream 2: I'm at a family party. One of my, erm, more interesting relatives hands me a cup of soup. Innocuous enough. But I look down and it's a cup of MEALWORM soup (you know, those crunchy worms that you feed to lizards). What. The. Hell. I look up at her, horrified, and she shrugs and says "hey, us Asians eat weird things. Try it! You might like it!" The mealworms, though, are still alive. They're swimming around. Gross gross gross. But she's looking at me so expectantly that I screw up my courage and remind myself that I've eaten pig's blood stew and porcupine and deep fried crickets and various other bugs...Suddenly, my point of view shifts to the fucking mealworms. One swims over to another and says "Hey, Carla, how's it going?" "Hey, Bob, it's good. Glad it's Friday, huh?" "Yeah, tell me about it...so what are you doing tonight? Thought we could grab a bite of dirt?" "Sure. Cool." "Cool." But then Carla is picked up by MY chopsticks and she says to Bob "oops, looks like my time is up. See you around?" "Yeah, Carla, see you around." Then Bob turns on a headset and says "Mealworm soup, this is Bob. How may I help you?" Then POV shifts back to me, as I'm holding this squirming worm up to my mouth...I put it into my mouth and my aunt, satisfied, walks away. I can't bring myself to crunch into the worm (Carla) so I spit it out.

I woke up spitting. Then I looked at my phone and realized I'd missed all my alarms and was now late getting ready for work.


WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?????? (And tell me your weird dreams, GT! I can't be the only one who dreams things like this, right?)

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