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Weird dreams: Babies

I hate super-lucid dreams right before I wake up. They mess with my head all morning. At least this one didn't have me screaming "MURDER MURDER MURDER" at my husband, though.

I had a dream that my ex showed up with a baby in his arms. He asked me if I could watch her for a few hours, because he had to deal with an emergency elsewhere.


For the next few hours, I did baby things with the baby (who was pretty much a newborn). I fed her, changed her, cooed at her, rocked her. My daughter bonded with her, but couldn't really tell me what the deal with the baby was.

My ex came back, and the story came out. He'd been dating someone for the past year or so. Birth control failed, so they moved in together. Everything seemed to be okay until the baby was born. A few weeks after giving birth, she walked out. She told him he could keep the baby.

As we talked, I told him that she should give up her parental rights and allow us to adopt the baby. Us, the very, very divorced couple. I figured the kid could just go back and forth between our houses. I mean, our daughter likes her, so why not?

I woke up feeling super weird. I think this is my body doing a last ditch attempt at convincing me to have another baby. "Look, I know you don't like pregnancy, so maybe someone ELSE can do that bit for you! And you don't want a baby full-time, so maybe someone else can take it for half the time!"


Anyway, anyone else have any weird dreams last night?

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