So I had a bit of strangeness tonight.

Pertinent personal information: I'm tall, I have fushia hair and a lot of visible tattoos. My rack is what is politely called 'generous'. This is germane to this story.

I took my mom, my kid, and my sister out for water ice. It was pretty warm here so there was a line, we stood behind a man I'd guess was roughly in his late 40s to early 50s and his teenage son. My mother is a verbose woman with no real concept of personal space or 'appropriate for the public' conversational voice. She was ragging on my (teenaged) kid about some teenaged sex sheenanigins her peers had been caught at; I was doing my best thousand yard stare to stay out of it, as I am wont to do. Mom was making such a huge deal about it that the guy in front of us turned around and said that he couldn't help overhearing our conversation because my mother was so damn loud.

I apologized, we exchanged some words, and then my mother freely said what school my kid attends, what her friends names were, and such until I made her shut up. During the course of this, it comes out that this other man was a parent of children at the same school my kids go to. I hadn't met him before, but whatever, its not like I know every one.

As both our parties got waited on, he was at the window next to me. We exchanged some other nothing pleasantries, made a couple of jokes wished each other good night. As he and his son walked away, he suddenly came back, leaned in real close to me, and whispered in my ear, "You're a suicide girl, aren't you?" (I'm not.) He was really excited when he said that to me, and repeated it twice in rapid succession. I didn't know what to say โ€” I was really kind of stunned that he had gotten up in my personal space.


He started walking backwards to his car at that point, grinning at me, saying 'Right? Right? I love tattoos. They're art work. Yours are gorgeous."

Is it just me, or is it really fucking weird to accuse/ask a complete stranger trying to buy an ice cream cone if they're a nude model? I don't have anything against or for SG or pin up models or nudity or whatever, but I do think its totally crossing the line for some random guy to get up in my space and ask me if I take my clothes off for pictures. Apparently, my kid overheard this and didn't know what SG is, but I told my sister what he whispered to me and she was as horrified as I was.


Who does that?